Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Charleston Area Hot Dog Joints - 7-11 Cafe in Elkview

So I get an email from a guy, Eddie, who says the best hot dogs around can be found at Maynor's Sandwich Shop in Elkview. He tells me that he is a former Charleston city policeman and has eaten a gazillion hot dogs and swears that Maynor's has as good a hot dog as there is. So I went in search of Maynor's, looking forward to enjoying such a treat for myself.

I followed the directions to the letter but when I got to the end of the trip, instead of finding Maynor's Sandwich Shop, I found a 7-11! It had a sandwich shop attached to it and it had hot dogs on the menu, but no sign that indicated this was the Maynor's I sought. "Well," I thought, "I might as well get a hot dog while I'm here," so I did.

The menu lists several styles of hot dogs, one of which called the "West Virginia Hot Dog" with chili, slaw and onions. They also had a New York style and a couple of others listed. Naturally I opted for the WVHD, even if it lacked mustard.

Unfortunately it lacked a lot more than mustard. The slaw was pretty average, the chili tasted Mexican, kind of like taco meat with a touch of tomato sauce. The weenie was not high quality and the bun was basic. Overall about a 3 on the weenie scale.

So I went away not sure if I had found Maynor's or had stumbled into another HDJ instead. It wasn't until I wrote Eddie to ask for a clarification that I found that it was indeed Maynors, but that it had just recently changed its name. Eddie told me that he had eaten there since the change and that it was still the same. Well, either it has changed since Eddie was there or we have different tastes in hot dogs. Sorry Eddie, these dogs rank low on my list. My recommendation for someone looking for hot dogs in Elkview would be to drive about six miles to the north.


Christopher Scott Jones said...

Or about 40 miles to your west.

Stanton said...

No Chris, I am quite confident in saying that there are no hot dogs sold in Huntington that can hold a candle to those sold at the Clendenin DQ.

No way, no how.

Christopher Scott Jones said...

Been there, done that...

Kind of overrated, just like the Drunkeneers' football team this year.

Stanton said...


It's astounding to me how people from Huntington nearly always answer criticism by blasting off an isult toward WVU. I guess it just makes them feel better about themselves.

Christopher Scott Jones said...

You guys just set up the pins, we just knock 'em down.