Monday, October 09, 2006

Clendenin Hot Dog Joint Review - Yummee Freeze

I was astonished when I rounded the curve and saw the sign. After all I had just left Clendenin, it with its two excellent hot dog joints Shafer's and the Dairy Queen, and here was an obvious suspect for yet a third good hot dog joint within a mile of town. The Yummee Freeze is one of those classic roadside dairy bars where West Virginia hot dogs of exceptional quality are known to live. By the looks of the building and sign it looks like it's been there for 30 years, but by the looks of the crowd waiting eagerly for their for their orders it seemed like it was brand new.

When I pulled up there were five or six people waiting for their orders. I was glad to hear that as each order was called every single one of them were for a quanity of hot dogs. "Three with chili and onions," the counter lady would announce through the small opening in the sliding window. "Two with everything!" That would be me.

Wrapped nicely in wax paper, my hot dogs had a nice weighty feel to them. The slaw was a little dry and wasn't nearly sweet enough for my picky palate. The chili was the Mexican taco meat variety and it had a sneaky slow burn. It did not seem spicy until I had already started back down the road when I realized that I had finished my Pepsi and began to look for somewhere to stop for another.

The bun and weenie were pretty good and interstingly enough, just as I was leaving a Heiner's truck pulled in with a fresh delivery (well, as fresh as it gets in these parts) of buns.

I said I was astonished when I discovered the Yummee Freeze. This is because I thought for a moment that I had discovered that Clendenin was a West Virginia Hot Dog Mecca of sorts. If there were actually three hot dog joints with great dogs within two miles of each other, well that would be an unprecendented and prodigious discovery indeed. As it turns out, the Yummee Freeze only sells a good hot dog, not a great one. Still, Clendenin certainly deserves an award for great hot dog joints per capita, and Yummee Freeze is still a neat little HDJ even if does suffer by local comparison.

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