Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bad News for The Hot Dog Barn

A Morgantown reader sent along this news:

"Sad news. I went to the Hot Dog Barn today in
Morgantown and she will be going out of business 12/8.
Turns out the City of Morgantown sent her a letter
stating she must put her "barn" on a permanent
foundation or apply for a pedlers license. Problem is,
with a pedlers license, she must move the "barn"
everyday, which is impossible. She has 15 days to
comply. Therefore, she must close. What a crock! Just
when Mo-Town got a pretty good HDJ! They also want her
to repair the sidewalk."

If there are any readers out there with any pull with Morgantown officials, please try to intervene! This is a Five-Weenie hot dog joint and small business that fills a niche in your town. Let's pull together hot dog fans!

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