Monday, December 11, 2006

HDJ Review - Jane Lew Family Restaurant

Since I used this neat little restaurant as an authority for my slaw line research, I thought I should at least give it a quick review of its own.

As I have written before, hot dogs are and obligitory menu offering at locally owned restaurants in West Virginia. Often times restaurants that have excellent food otherwise just don't do a great job with the obligitory hot dogs. Sadly, this is the case with the Jane Lew Family Restaurant. Even though this little gem of a restaurant has great home-cooked food and a full menu of classic West Virginia comfort foods, it's hot dogs are kind of lackluster.

The slaw, while thankfully included as a standard item, is vinegary and coarse. The chili is fairly good but overwhelmed by the slaw. Too much mustard and onions that were chopped way to coarsely and of the type that are way too strong. Overall a mediocre WVHD. But that's OK because it's obligatory, right?

If you are traveling I79 and find yourself hungry around mile marker 100 or so, you should defintely stop at Jane Lew Family Restaurant for their friendly as home service and fantastic home cooked meals (they have a nightly buffet that is to die for) but just don't bother with the hot dogs.

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