Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fairmont HDJ Review - Mikey’s Snack Bar

Surprise! There’s more slaw in Marion County. Yes, there are some stones still left unturned in Fairmont, and Mikey’s Snack Bar is one of them.

Mikey’s is a small mom-and-pop sandwich shop nestled in the shopping plaza located on Country Club Road in Fairmont. The shop itself is actually part of a larger front split with the hair salon next door. Seven stools surround a small counter, and a couple of tables crammed in the far corner offer seating for about six more people. A menu of different sandwich items is offered in addition to hot dogs, and bottled drinks are the standard beverage choices.

The folks running the place are friendly enough and seemed happy that I asked for the slaw along with the customary WVHD toppings of mustard, chili, and onions. Peculiar (at least for HDJs north of Hinton) but in the preparation I observed that the chili was placed on top of the slaw. This was my first time seeing it prepared that way. My order was done up quickly and wrapped in a wax paper bag stuffed inside a brown paper bag. The price was more than fair at $1 even (including tax).

I guess one advantage to the having chili on top, particularly when it's as thick as it is at Mikey's, is that there is less spillage of the slaw. That worked out pretty well in this case. Still, I personally prefer the traditional preparation of slaw on top. I’d be willing to bet that it’s the lack of experience of putting any slaw at all on the dog that’s got Fairmont HDJs confused. But I digress.

The bun was warm, but needed to be steamed more. The wiener did not seem to completely fill the bun, but it was cooked well otherwise. The slaw was fresh and didn't have a overly-sweet taste. The dressing used in the slaw bought out the taste of the carrots that were scattered about. Overall, this slaw tasted fine, but did not do much to help the essence of the dog itself. The chili itself was quite underwhelming. It had absolutely no flavor to it at all, yet there was a noticeable watery taste in the ground beef. Mind you, the chili was thick enough and in no way runny. I didn’t see any chili powder or red pepper available at the counter to add to it, but it definitely needed some help.

Mikey’s isn’t bad at all. The hot dog quality here balances out as far as positives and negatives go, but a bit more emphasis on the chili and slaw ingredients would make for a better WVHD. The service is fast and friendly, and small size of the shop is an inviting place to enjoy lunch. Three weenies for Mikey's Snack Bar.


Christopher Scott Jones said...

Sauce on slaw? I hope the weenista was a new hire...

I'm Dad (and I said so!) said...

Judging from her age, probably not. But like I said, the poor folks probably don't know proper procedure.