Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New North-Central Weenie Wonk

With the advent of August and the beginning of a new Weenie Awards voting year, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce our newest Weenie Wonk. Using an even less believable psuedonym than Chris and I, Big Daddy will be taking over the reviewing duties for not only North Central West Virginia, but also supplementing our research in other parts of West Virginia since he frequently travels through the state (BTW, Big Daddy - don't say anything to Chris about the WVHD company car).

The next words you read on this blog will be those of Big Daddy himself. Take it away BD!

1 comment:

Christopher Scott Jones said...

Don't worry, I already found the company's AmEx Black card and have been in Key West for weeks (I sent an ...ASAT intern to cover Hot Dog Fest).