Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Morgantown HDJ Review - Haught Diggity Dogz

An alert reader of recently sent word that a new HDJ had appeared in the Morgantown area, but the thing that stood out about the recommendation was the last line of the e-mail: "And yes, they do have slaw!". With a bit of hope that the slaw culture was migrating further north, I set out to visit Haught Diggity Dogz (which already deserves a prize for one of the most original names).

Located just a stone's throw from exit 4 of I-68, Haught Diggity Dogz is located in a little retail strip along Route 7 heading towards Dellslow. It sits in the near corner of a newer looking building, with eye-catching window graphics. The interior is simple in it's layout, but remarkably clean and inviting. A generous sized lunch counter is complimented by a scattering of tables, each of which has a full compliment of condiments readily available.

I received a warm welcome when I came through the door, and first class attention for the duration of my visit. The menu simply states "hot dogs", and carries a flat price of $1.25 regardless of how much or how little you want on them. The menu also boasts fresh cut fries, which can also include chili and/or cheese, baked potatoes, salads, and pepperoni rolls.

I was impressed to see that more slaw was being freshly prepared during the course of my meal. The ingredients aren't simply stockpiled as -with some lesser HDJs- but rather made fresh throughout the day. The taste was absolutely phenomenal. Haught's seems to have the ability to strike that perfect balance between sweet and tangy, all the while having a perfect consistency and satisfying taste. The chili was also a pure treat. Like any HDJ worth it's salt, Haught's offers the standard choices of mild, medium and hot sauce. My norm is to go middle-of-the-road, and the medium sauce here is exactly what it should be: seasoned to perfection, with all the individual ingredients working in unison. It had a lovely brown color, fine consistency, and inviting armoa that tickled the senses. It blended nicely with the freshly steamed bun, which was likewise done to perfection. The onions were chopped extra fine to allow for a pleasing flavor to each bite, but not leave one with dog breath (no pun intended).

Just how good is Haught Diggity Dogz overall? Well, I usually order two dogs during a visit. This time, I had to have a third before I left.

Positive remarks are all that I can offer for Haught Diggity Dogz. With that said, this HDJ earns an easy...and well deserved...five weenies. I would anticipate that you'll be seeing Haught's in just about every category for future Weenie Awards.


Duck said...

Hmm, I thought mustard on top of the slaw was sacrilegious. I can't keep up with the various rules. I guess taste trumps all though, as it should be.

Christopher Scott Jones said...

In my experience, mustard on slaw is usually a rookie error made by a newer employee than an official company policy.

Mountaineer Steve said...

I don't have the exact address but Haught Diggity Dogz has moved right down the road from old location. It is still on same side of the street just closer to the interstate. Look for the building with the Red Roof.

Both Judy and Scott will take great care of you.

Cardiacsteve said...

Haught Diggity Dogz has moved to it new location in the WesMon Plaza just off I79 in Westover behind McDonalds, we now offer a family friendly atmosphere with plenty of seating. We have also added new menu items and we also have frozen yogurt with many toppings to choose from, and as always Judy, Scott and the rest of our staff will provide you with great customer service.