Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Clarksburg HDJ Review - Hometown Hot Dogs

Clarksburg's Hometown Hot Dogs is housed in a building that could easily win an award for "Most Nondescript". The small brick building sits in the middle of the Stealey area, right where the city transitions from a business to residential district. This ideal location puts it within walking distance of residents, but also in a short commute for those working downtown or over in the Rosebud section as well. The parking -or seeming lack thereof- is a little tricky (and a big pet peeve), but that problem is solved via the drive-thru window around the back side of the building. Nevertheless, Hometown Hot Dogs is constantly churning out a steady stream of fresh dogs all day long.

The staff does a very good job of taking care of customers. While they are in a seemingly endless state of working on making fresh ingredients and filling orders, they are never at a loss for conversation. They've got the multitasking down to an art form, and the results come through in every scrumptious bite. This is one of my personal favorite locations, and I can personally say I've never been let down.

There's ample seating inside for a couple dozen customers. The interior is decorated with WVU Mountaineer football decorations and memorabilia. I can't say if this wards off Marshall fans or not, and frankly I don't want to get into that debate.

Speaking of down south, those of you that are fans of Sam's Hot Dog Stands should note that Hometown Hot Dogs are quite similar in taste. I found this out first hand at a WVHotDogs.com business meeting at the Sam's Hot Dog Stand in Teays Valley.

Chili comes in mild, medium, or hot varieties, but the medium is quite spicy enough for anyone. It can easily make beads of sweat break out on even the heartiest spice lover. It has the fine ground beef consistency, with a nice mix of flavors that compliment the meaty taste. The color is a near perfect brown that never shows signs of being over-cooked. This sauce can stand on it's own, which is always a good sign of quality chili.

The slaw is usually pretty good, though on some rare occasions the taste can border on being somewhat plain. It also has a markedly fine cut of cabbage. The rest of the ingredients are always pleasing, and the buns get a good steaming before being served up.

Aside from the parking, you can't really go wrong with Hometown Hot Dogs. The slaw requires a little tweaking (sometimes), but the chili makes up for any shortcomings in the topping department. The service is very good, so Hometown Hot Dogs gets a well deserved four-and-a-half weenies.

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Christopher Scott Jones said...

Instead of "mild, medium, and hot," they orta say "Charleston, Huntington, and Fairmont."