Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Blog For Sale

According to BlogShares, this blog is worth a cool $2.5 million. What with our recent downturn in posting frequency and the busyness of the summer season coming up, I am giving serious thought to selling out. I am willing to entertain offers, but it seems to me that $2.5 million is a good starting point.

Here is a quick summary financial statement for those interested investors. This covers the period from January 2006 thru today:


Google Adsense $100

Net from Sales of T-Shirts & Merchandise $17

Total Income $117


Hot Dog Purchases $450

Ancillary Food Purchases $700

Fuel for review trips $900

Domain Registration & Hosting $220

Misc. Printing & Computer Costs $400

Total Expense $2,670

Net Profit - $2,553

Now I know that it might not look like a good investment on paper, but just think of all of the benefits that can't be measured in dollars and cents, like being recognized as an authority on hot dogs by misguided people all over the world.

Interested investors can express their interest in the comments section. Let the bidding begin!


wvapoker said...

I think each unique subscriber is worth $2. Maybe Oscar Mayer (kraft) would be interested.

The Film Geek said...

I'm going to presume you've got the Blogger Rut syndrome that happnes a couple times a year, and often in the summer. Stay the course, and keep the investment. There will be an upswing.


clear eyes said...

I'm afraid that the blog value is mostly what accountants call "Goodwill." Without Stanton at the helm, nearly all of this goodwill would be lost because nobody reviews a WV hot dog like Stanton!