Monday, June 30, 2008

Morgantown HDJ Review – Hometown Hot Dogs

Of all the HDJs I’ve reviewed so far, I don’t recall any giving me a sensation of panic as much as Hometown Hot Dogs in Morgantown. It is situated in a old, tiny block building adjoining the base of a house along University Avenue. Inside, you'll find a counter with some bar seats. If you suffer from claustrophobia, be warned that the two feet or so between each seat and the glass window quickly fill up with people waiting for place or pick up their orders. There is also a small dining area off to the side that can be accessed via a rather small passageway.

Common sense would dictate that most people know that if one was must cough when preparing food in a restaurant or similar establishment, then one should step away from the food, or at the minimum cover the mouth and nose with the pocket of the elbow. I watched in horror and disgust as one of the cooks proceed to cough her head off while preparing an order for a customer ahead of me who was fortunate enough to be oblivious to what was going on behind the counter. No gloves, no handwashing, nothing. This in and of itself was an automatic huge deduction in weenie points. Luckily for me, my order was prepared by a young gentleman who was quick to take and fill orders, but very slow to remember to stop and collect money from the customers who piled up quickly at the register.

As for the hot dog itself, it was a huge disappointment. I’ve been spoiled by the quality WVHDs that can be had at the Clarksburg, Fairmont, and Grafton locations. They had the same cool, creamy, sweet slaw and the medium chili seemed okay too. The bun, however, fell apart when I picked it up. This was likely a result of either the buns being over-steamed or the dressing in the slaw being too thin and runny. As if that weren’t bad enough, I couldn’t get that image of the other preparer hacking up a lung in the prep area. This marked the first time that I refused to finish an entire hot dog from Hometown.

I really do like the other Hometown Hot Dog locations that I’ve been too and consider them among my favorites. Sadly, I will have to put this location on my list of ones to avoid. Health and safety factors are just a bit more important. A one weenie rating for this HDJ.


EER N VA said...

WOW, I love those dogs. I stop there every time I come back to Motown. I've been addicted to the Hometown Slaw dogs since I was a student at WVU in the early 90's. I agree that there should be gloves and a sneeze/cough step away, especially in todays world. I will continue to go there but if I see that happening i will say something and make them refix my dogs.

Steve said...

I stopped by there one Saturday around lunch time. The hotdogs are the worst I have ever eaten. I purchased two with onions, mustard and sauce. I am from Fairmont so no slaw on my dog. The weenies were watery and mushy. I think the absolute worst winnies I ever tasted. Then the sauce had no flavor at all. I ordered ‘hot’, it had the heat but that was it. I guess I am just too accustomed to the Dogs and Yann’s and Woody’s.

wryanmeyer said...
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wryanmeyer said...

there's nothing like a quality hot dog with a fresh pickle on the side

Sarah Einstein said...

Wow, you actually ATE there? I have always assumed it was just a front for a meth lab or something. Kudos to you!

Melli said...

I love Hometown Hotdogs!

Actually I love it more for the pepperoni rolls they serve. You should try that sometime. There's also one in Westover, near Granville.