Friday, October 03, 2008

Hurricane Hot Dog Joint: Wing World Plus Hot Dog Heaven WV

If there is one way to describe my whole experience and Wing World Plus Hot Dog Heaven WV, it would have to be "half-bunned."

Within my first two minutes in the joint, I personally witnessed three instances of tension between the owner and employees. At that point, I really, really should have left. But, ever intrepid (meaning stupid), I order up a dog with chili, slaw, onions, and mustard.

The weenie was of the same quality as my grade school cafeteria after the Reagan budget cuts in the 80s and was about as waterlogged as one of the trees left in Gad for bass habitat.

The sauce was okay, but reminded me of a bland knockoff of Hot Dog Stand chili sauce. Think of Full House's fourth season. Very TGIF.

The slaw was from a national supply company of some sort, as there were bits of pickle relish and other odd bits of vegetable matter that no self-respecting WV would ever put in something that might end up on a hot dog. I imagine that one of the gang over at Fork You could even tell you the location of the plant where it was made (my guess: Wenatchee, Washington).

The whole thing was served out-of-order, too, as mustard was slopped all over the place. Either Jackson Pollack was back there making my dog, or the weenista just didn't give a crap.

I'm not saying that places like Romeo's or Sam's or T&L are using kobe beef and organic cabage or anything like that, but they have found a taste and a certain level of quality that their customers appreciate and match the price point accordingly. While they are in business to make money, they also have a certain level of respect for quality control. This place seems to be using cheap ingredients and selling them at a standard price for a WV hot dog ($1.19 + tax) in order to maximize profit.

With a bunch of fair to good HDJs 'tween Scott Depot and Culloden, this place better have great wings. Otherwise, they totally fail to justify their existence.

Half-bunned, half of a score: 2.5 weenies


wvapoker said...

Not to pile on but we might need to send Fork You's Ron over there to sample some wings. I hope they don't have any kindergarten art on the walls.

I also have a low tolerance for employees being reprimanded in public.

Stanton said...

I stopped in there a while back. I took pictures and notes but never got around to writing the review. But I witnessed an UNBELEIVABLE show of employee abuse: The owner made a kitchen employee come out and apologize to a customer for putting too much mustard on the hot dog. He verbally abused him in front of the customer to the point of extreme embarrassment to all – except the little old lady who complained; she seemed perfectly happy with the display.

I'm Dad (and I said so!) said...

Sounds like the owner watched too many episodes of 'Hell's Kitchen'. You're more generous with your rating than I would've been in this instance.

Christopher Scott Jones said...

One of my very best friends is of the Brahmin caste. Maybe I can get her to drop by and put the owners in their place.

MountainLaurel said...

I've crossed that off my list. I generally don't patronize places that abuse their employees. Thanks for the info.

LAL said...

stanton-Did you say anything to the owner during the mustard apology? I think I would have,then walked out. There's no since in that, especially for minimum wage.

Unknown said...

I think Ron & I should give it a try - Ron loves wings. Maybe that will redeem their food at least.

I laughed out loud at the review - very funny references to Reagan, Pollock and a new word: weenista. Loved it.

Why don't owners complain about you making fun of their mass-produced slaw? Are we being unfairly targeted?

You know, I'm sure you could have gotten the mustard more neatly applied if you had only asked, so put down the bong and revise that review.

Lisa said...

Hey I just wanted to say, I love this blog! :)

I enjoy the reviews... makes it easier to find a good WV style hotdog.

Christopher Scott Jones said...

We aim to please.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Sadly, Romeo's is now closed.
I've had to resort to making my own hot bologna sandwiches.

If it don't snap, it aint worth puttin kraut on. Might as well cover it with chili and slaw.

Unknown said...

I heard that Romeo's was going to reopen relatively soon.

I read that tidbit somewhere while doing my research on the 2 new places opening in South Charleston. Sadly for you, I doubt the Vietnamese and the Jamaican restaurants will be serving hot dogs.

Christopher Scott Jones said...

The Putnam Herald is reporting that they now sell decent curries at this joint, which may well be worth checking out. However, the same article claims that they have "mastered" making WV hot dogs and wings, so I have to question the journo's taste buds.