Wednesday, October 08, 2008

New Martinsville HDJ Review - Scream n' Dogs

An old colleague in New Martinsville pointed out this little stand near the southwest end of the downtown business district. A pleasant fall day and a scenic overlook of the Ohio River were enough to make for an enjoyable lunch, but this place had two other bonuses going for it: first prize for probably THE most original name I've come across in the state yet (sorry Haught Diggity Dogz), and the for being the first place this far north that actually lists a West Virginia Hot Dog on the menu by name.

I played dumb and asked exactly what comes on one. My friendly cashier put down what she was doing to use hand gestures to show me which layer had which toppings. Thankfully, they know what they're doing. Well, except for the styrofoam coffin. The price was a bit on the higher side at $2.00, but the upward prices are more likely the trend for the foreseeable future.

I found the slaw to be of decent quality. The cabbage had a slight crispness to it, and a decent sweet/tang to the dressing. The consistency was just right in that that the dressing seeped into the nicely steamed English bun but didn't saturate it. I thought that putting the rather chunky bits of onion on top of the slaw instead of the chili was a rather interesting concept. Nothing wrong with it, mind you, just something different.

The chili (and it was called "chili" here, not "sauce") was much sweeter than I'm accustomed to and seemed to be a bit skimpy in the amount of beef in it. Still, it managed to work really well with the other ingredients and was both enjoyable and satisfying.

The service was very good. The hot dogs are very, very good. The name is certainly original. Scream n' Dogs is good enough to rate four weenies. This even takes into account the half-weenie deduction for the use of an English bun instead of a regular bun. Beyond that, I'm still thrilled to find someone get the concept of a real West Virginia Hot Dog spot on, rather than just calling it a "chili dog with slaw".


HollowBeThyName said...

Back in New Martinsville so soon? Makes me homesick. Maybe you should sneak some slaw into Yanns and see if the old man clubs you in the head. Yanns are the only dogs I'd go outta my way to get. Sorry. I'd love one of them with slaw. I'd love one with just sauce and onions. I'd love one with a pepperoni roll beside it. And a choc milk please. I love this blog.

Charleston Catholic / Clay Center Project said...

Hey, if you ever make it to Spencer, you ought to try the hot dogs at the Qwik Shop. Two of my BFF's opened up a restaurant in there. Yum! Too good for a convenience store.

Losferwords said...

Damn! Slaw on a dog? It just ain't right. You guys must have more hot dog stands in WV then anywhere else in the country though.

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