Monday, February 16, 2009

Updated update! Welcome WV Public Radio Listeners!

Update: The story ran again this morning and is now up as a story on the WVPR web site where you can either read the transcript or listen to the story, or both. Here's a link. They also put a proper photo on the story - Thanks Chris for pointing out the error of their ways.

This week's "Inside Applachia" featured a story by reporter Erica Peterson about West Virginia hot dogs. I was honored to be one of the authorities for the story. If you found your way to this blog because of that story, I hope you will find a welcome placeand that you will stay and look around the archives for a while. Please leave a comment, even if you are from the slawless north.


Christopher Scott Jones said...

What the heck kind of hot dog did they use on the website for the story photo? There are flecks of green stuff and no slaw!

Can we sign over one of our hot dog photos to WVPB so they can display a proper dog instead of that stock photo mess?

On a serious note, thanks to Erica Peterson and the gang at WV Public Radio for helping to spread the word about the One True Dog.

Buzzardbilly said...

Slawlessness is never right;
slawlessness is always wrong.

Christopher Scott Jones said...

It is right to love the slaw.

Charlotte Ann said...

Foodland, a grocery store in Parkersburg, WV sells one of the best hotdogs and for .50cents per dog!