Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Charleston HDJ Review - The Dome

Enough was enough: I had to intervene to help fallen (or at least falling) comrades from their wandering in the desert. You see, ever since the last joint review we did with the folks from Fork You they have been all over the map, literally and figuratively, reviewing chain restaurants like Hardees, White Castle, Captain D's, etc. This in spite of a blog identity statement that claims to review "local Charleston WV restauarants." An intervention was in order and so I set up a meeting.

I had actually reviewed this place before, but then it was called "Gold Dome BBQ" and was very smoky. It's now called "The Dome" and since the glorious Kanawha County smoking ban took effect, it means I could go back and try the onion rings without a side order of second hand smoke.

My previous review was so old that it pre-dated the weenie rating system, but I remembered that the hot dogs were very good. So I ordered two without fear and an order of the onion rings that I remember seeing when I was last there.

While we waited on our order, I lectured my young and less experienced food bloggers on the evils of chains and the necessity of staying focused. Thankfully, our food took a looong time to arrive so I had plenty of time to get my point across. I think you will see better behavior from them from now on.

When our food did arrive, lecture time was over and eatin' time began. I was very impressed with the taste, texture and volume of the slaw on top of the hot dogs. The chili had the beautiful dark brown color that usually means a rich, complex flavor; and one taste proved it to be so. The only thing missing was any trace of spiciness. It definitely need some more chili powder or maybe a little cayenne to bring it to life. The bun was nicely steamed, but the weenie was a tad waterlogged.

The onion rings did turn out to be pretty good, but that's beside the point. The hot dogs at the Dome get a 4 Weenie rank. You can check out the Fork You review of their orders here.


Unknown said...

I don't recall any lecturing, although Stanton is older than the rest of us and may feel like he has a right and/or responsibility to steer us down his perception of the righteous path.

Here are some words I do recall from our lunch: peanut butter & jelly, coleslaw, Benedryl, and underwear.

"Who's underwear?" you may be wondering. Does it really matter - as long as you know the conversation involved Daniel and Stanton?

Buzzardbilly said...

Hey, like next time you go to review the HDJ in my freaking neighborhood, you could give a gal some warning and she just might show up to slurp on some dog. I love The Dome. Never had the O-Rings because their fries are usually perfection. Super seekrit Dome tip: The older the person in the kitchen, the better your dog and sauce will be.

Besides, they've got a handy spot where I can sneak out for a smoke if I want and not have to stand on the sidewalk like some sloven hooker (because sloven is how I roll these days).

Now that the bitching is over: Another review well done!

Buzzardbilly said...

Stanton, you'll have an award up at my blog as soon as I finish writing it. It'll be up this morning.

Buzzardbilly said...

Stanton, Fuck a bunch of conscience. Sure, it's a girlie looking award. I'd suggest you photoshop (or MSPaint) a hotdog laying on the teacup of roses and post yer damned award because I gave it to you. I dream of controversy. The mere mention of the word makes me want you to have the award all the more.

The Film Geek said...

I've had a couple of lunches with Stanton. Luckily, he never once mentioned the word "underwear" in any of them...

Anonymous said...

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