Sunday, March 21, 2010

Amazing Discovery - The Long Lost Marmet Yellow Slaw Recipe!

So there I was snooping through this random flea market and I happened to pick up a little recipe box. Inside the box was an old and yellowing index card with the following recipe typed as plain as day. Since Mr. C's demise, this recipe was thought to be lost forever.

With the possible exception of the Dead Sea Scrolls, there has never been a more significant discovery of the written word.


3 lb head of cabbage, shredded fine and drained
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup honey
1/2 cup plus 1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup plus 2 Tablespoons yellow mustard
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon white pepper

Combine ingredients and leave overnight in refrigerator.

For all those readers who had been looking for a good WV Hot Dog slawrecipe, look no further! While it isn't traditional WVHD slaw, it is very tasty.

Here is a old photo of a Mr. C's yellow slaw dog and a regular slaw version.


Mike said...

hey Stanton, I got the opportunity to try your recipe out early last month and found that it's an absolutely amazing slaw. Sweet, smooth, and a fantastic cool-down to the spicy Yann's-like sauce I paired it with. I wrote about it over at my blog at

Thanks and keep up the good work!

- Mike

Miss Moody said...

wow. i was literally telling someone yesterday at work that the best hotdogs come from this little stand in Marmet. Then today, I come across you coming across the recipe for the slaw. THANK YOU! lol this is great. I used to go get hotdogs there with my Grandmother when I was young. So glad they are keeping it going!

-amanda m ( boone county)

Unknown said...

I have so missed the slaw on hot dogs being a transplanted West Virginian. I have been thinking that I needed to ask family and friends about recipes for Boone County slaw.


Chaos1508 said...

I thought this recipe was gone with the old Canary Cottage in Marmet when it closed down. I've had yellow slaw that others have made but none comes close to what the Canary Cottage use to serve. Can't wait to try this out.

Brenda B (Marmet, WV)

Unknown said...

I need a West Virginia Marmet chili recipe for hot dogs. Anyone?

Unknown said...

You can stop at Chums in Marmet, they have some great hot dogs with yellow slaw !

Unknown said...

Stop at Chums in Marmet , they have some great hot dogs with yellow slaw

Unknown said...

Can hardly wait to try this with the best hot dog chili in WV. Will let you know how it pairs with Mama Jo's Cupboard WV 'Eeresistable Hot Dog Chili?

Unknown said...

This is awesome! I am from WV but had to move away several years ago. The one thing I have missed has been the hot dogs! This helps me so much with my cravings! Thank you!

Rush_0 said...

My Grandmother worked at that little stand for many many years.

Unknown said...

Hi Rush_O! Would you be interested in telling us more about this story and what you or your grandmother remember about this hot dog stand in Marmet? I work for West Virginia Public Broadcasting and this is a fascinating story to me. I'd love to hear more. Roxy Todd

C.Brown said...

I worked at Tom's in Marmet W.V. in 2005 originally from G.A. I worked in the Deli I forgot how to make the yellow slaw and all these years have been searching for the recipe . Soooooo glad I found it online on 9/19/2015. The best slaw ever.

R D P said...

There once was Marmet Dairy Bar with the best hot dogs around and run by Bernard & Jan Dolin. The chili and slaw was made from scratch. It wasn't yellow slaw though it had a touch of mustard in it. Was the yellow slaw at the Marmet Dairy Post? Both were hotdog stands. Post was across the street from the Jr High...Dairy Bar was same side of the street as the Jr High.

Unknown said...

when I first moved to Jamestown, NY, in 1965, I went to Steve's Texas Hots. I ask for a hot dog with everything. I got home, took dog out of bag. What I had was a weiner, a bun, a packet of ketsup and a packet of mustard. It cost me 75 cents. I cried for two hours. When I left WV, i could get 10 hot dogs for a dollar at the Gold Dome. It wasn't the price that I cried about. It was the lack of chile and cole slaw. People up north don't have a clue.

Douglas H. Taylor said...

WOW! I remember some sixty years ago my Grandmother would drive from Ferndale to Charleston (approximately 40 miles) to shop for things we could not get in Whitesville. The highlight of the trip was stopping in Marmet for those delicious hot dogs with slaw on the return trip home. I will finally revisit my childhood delight after 40+ years.

Unknown said...

I love this slaw and the childhood memories that go along with it. I am so excited to have this recipe. :-) Lorie

Unknown said...

I just ran across this article and recipe... I hate to be a let down but I can promise you this is NOT the recipe for the old canary cottage or the Dairy Post yellow slaw... The reason I know is because I am the daughter and granddaughter of the family that ran the Dairy Post that once was across from marmet jr. high... My father and mother relocated it later to the end of marmet then my father put it at the old property where it all began the Canary Cottage... My family is the Kinders... So many people try to make it and so many people have asked me if the recipes they have are right but sorry they are not... I am glad so many of you enjoyed the yellow slaw along with the hot dogs... I could only wish my father was able to read all this... He would be proud because this was his life, it truly means a lot to me because I know it would to him...

Amanda Kinder-Stout
Daughter of Donald "Goat" Kinder

Unknown said...

So are you going to share it or not? There are hundreds of thousands of us, spread all over the world, that NEED it. Thnx.

Unknown said...

My mom and step dad owned the Canary Cottage up until it burned down. Im holding the original recipe in my hand right now. Its been in my moms safe for the last 30 years and she just pulled it out when i showed her thus blog.

Lynne H said...

Would love to have the Canary Cottage aka Blackies Hot Dog Chilli recipe in Marmet

Unknown said...

So please, if this isn't the recipe, what is? I'm a transplanted WV chili slaw dog lover, and I've tried for years to make it, but it's never the 'right' taste. Sixty years ago, when my grandparents and I traveled from Whitesville to Charleston, we would always stop in Marmet for the chili slaw dogs. I've loved them ever since, but nothing I've ever tried tasted like them. Anyone have the chili and slaw recipe?

Unknown said...

I married a Kinder and let's just say that the real recipe DOES NOT get refrigerated. So sorry to tell you that is not the Dairy Bars or the Canary Cottage recipe!

Brad McAlister said...

Viar’s Go Mart at Comfort in Boone County has the yellow slaw and best hot dog chili around. Stop in and tell George Brad sent ya.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much. Just yesterday my husband said did I ever tell you about eating the hotdogs with yellow slaw and of course I’m like WHAT and he said yeah and they were absolutely delicious. There was a little hotdog stand around Dunbar I think and I would Go everyday until they moved Marmet and I didn’t have any crews down that way. Thanks so much I will definitely have to try this. God works in mysterious ways.

crystal_lion said...

Marmet Hot Dog Chili Recipe:

50 servings
Time 6.5 hours
3 Tbsp. salt
3 Tbsp. black pepper
1 Tbsp. white vinegar
6 Tbsp. chili powder
1 Tbsp. garlic powder
1 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
1 Tbsp. hot sauce
1 4 oz. bottle of minced onions
2 48 oz. cans of tomato juice
2 48 oz. cans of water
5 lbs. ground chuck or ground sirloin


Brown ground beef. Put into a strainer and rinse with hot water to remove excess grease. Drain well. Next place all ingredients into a large stock pot over medium heat.
Bring to a boil and stir frequently. Reduce heat and simmer for 4-6 hours or until desired thickness.

Unknown said...

Yes and it is really good!

Sunny no more said...

I just read all of the comments and I'm curious to ask you,will you share with all of us the recipe for yellow Cole slaw or are you planning to keep it secret. In any case, of course, it is your decision but could you let us know one way or the other, if you will be sharing it or not. I respect your decision either way. Thank you very much. 🌺🌿