Thursday, March 18, 2010

Charleston HDJ Review - The Leonard's Restaurant

Located in the rear of the First Baptist Church Business Annex on Shrewsbury Street, this little carry out can best be seen from the Leon Sullvan Way exit of I64 in Downtown Charleston. The proprietor, Minnie Leonard ("Miss Minnie" to people who know her) offers her loyal fans a steady stream of fried fish, okra, green beans and other assorted soul food favorites during lunch hours every business day. The restaurant has been open for a year and a half or so and I thought it was time to review their hot dogs.

Knowing that hot dogs, in these parts, are a necessary item on such food establishments I was supremely confident that they would have them on the menu and my confidence was rewarded. "All Beef" hot dogs for $1.50. Everything, I was told, included mustard, chili, slaw and onions so I ordered $3 worth.

Everyone seems to think that serving hot dogs in a coffin keeps them warm, but I promise you that I have had more lukewarm dogs from these styrofoam menaces than I can count. Leonard's adds to the total. Even though I witnessed the weenie and bun being nuked moments before, by the time I got these dogs to the car they were cool; nearly cold in spots.

But that is a minor flaw.

The hot dogs were really very good in spite of their temperature. The slaw was excellent (obviously freshly made) and the chili as dark and meaty with just a trace of spiciness. All toppings were served abundantly and the overall heft of the dog was substantial.The soft bun and good tasting weenie didn't detract.

This is a very good Genteel Dog and earns a solid 3.5 Weenie. It could have easily been a 4 if the temperature had been better.

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Unknown said...

I visited this place after reading the article. The hot dogs were great and the ladies who work there are extreamly friendly. I wanted to try thier other products but always end up getting the hot dogs.