Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Back to Work - The Hot Dog Hiatus Ends

Yawwwn! OK, I know it's been a while since any new reviews have been posted, but with summertime entering its waning days it's time to get back to work. A couple of notes about what we've been up to at

  • New Eastern Panhandle Reviewer - Tomorrow you will be able to read the first review posting from our newest Weenie Wonk, Frank. Frank lives in the Eastern Panhandle and will be providing commentary from that remote part of our territory regularly. Welcome, Frank. 
  • My recruiting trip to the Eastern Panhandle gave me the opportunity to gather new data for our Slaw Mapping Project. Look for an updated map soon.
  • I attended the Greenbrier Classic last week but could not force myself to fork out $5.50 for a hot dog that had no chili or slaw. It's a shame they didn't make an effort to provide an authentic WVHD experience ala Greenbrier. Their little outpost in Tamarack had a decent effort (about which you may read here). The fried green tomato sandwiches , though, were $1.75 and delicious.
  • Lots of reviews were done over the summer, but not many merited a write up. Still, I'll be catching them up over the next few weeks.
  • Several trips out of state this summer during which I had the opportunity to partake of the local hot dog fare. This blog, however, is about West Virginia Hot Dogs and we stick to our mission.

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SF said...

Went to the greenbrier too and had a few dogs, (i had free tickets, transportation and parking, so i didnt feel bad about wasting some on way over priced dogs and beer). i really enjoy the nathans dogs.

other note, while at the dog festival in huntington, i tried sara annes homemade chilli mainly because i had never heard of it. it was the second best sauce there and a flavorful change of pace from my standard sam's sauce.