Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Campbells Creek HDJ Review - D's Tasty Freeze

Back before there was such a thing as a Weenie Scale (the 0-5 Weenie rating we use to rank the deliciousness of hot dogs we review) I reviewed Peggy's Dairy Treat on Campbells Creek near Charleston. That establishment has gone out of business and a new HDJ has taken over the space called "D's Tasty Freeze." When I discovered this change in ownership I decided it was time to brave the treacherous, coal truck-filled Campbells Creek Drive to check out the D's offerings.

D's was hopping at lunch time the day I was there, and the clientele seemed to be regulars. I felt that I stood out a bit and even more so when I pulled out my camera and photographed my hot dogs. For the rest of my visit I felt as if there were eyes on me at all times and I am pretty sure that I was the subject of conversation at at least one table (This is why I usually get my orders to go, so I can photo-document in private!).

In spite of my possibly justified paranoia, I soon was too busy enjoying my hot dogs too much to worry about it. These are very good hot dogs. The chili - as always in the Upper Kanawha Valley - was a little tame but the slaw matched up well and was very complex; tart and sweet with nearly perfect texture. The bun was warm and soft and the onions were sweet and finely chopped. All in all a really good hot dog that earns a 4.0 Weenie rating.


Sue Davis said...

You may not be a hater of Veterans, but in the length of time it took you to spew out your hate for Lisa's hotdogs, you could have encouraged a Veteran, bought food for a Veteran's home, escorted a Veteran to an appointment, jumped into a river to rescue a Veteran or from some other form of hopelessness, help one get a job, offer to find and pay for a generator that meets your specifications, or even enrolled in a niceness class.

Unknown said...

And you, my dear Sue Davis, could have spent your time figuring out which thread you were commenting about! :)