Monday, August 13, 2012

Downtown Charleston HDJ Death Match Round 5 - The Fresh Seafood Company vs. Kanawha County Judicial Annex Snack Bar

Well, heck.

After a week off to allow my triglycerides to recover, I set out on a recon mission for the next round of our Downtown Charleston HDJ Death Match only to discover that the next opponent had ceased doing business.

After emptying my pockets and going through security (oh, the things I do for you people!) I found that the elevator was out so I had to take the stairs; glad it is only the SECOND floor snack bar!

When I stepped out of the stairwell exit, I immediately knew something was amiss because I didn't smell the ever-present old onion smell that usually greets visitors there. When I cleared the doorway and glanced to my right, I saw a steel cage with nothing behind it, and in that same instant I remembered this story and how the Health Department had flexed its public health muscles and showed those county bureaucrats what fer. The snack bar closed a month later, but nobody notified

So, The Fresh Seafood Company wins in another walkover.

Next up: The Fresh Seafood Company vs. Sister Act Cafe.

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