Friday, August 17, 2012

Downtown Charleston HDJ Death Match Round 7 - Sister Act Cafe vs. Sam's Hot Dog Stand admittedly has a love/hate relationship with Sam's Hot Dog Stand. Here are some of the reasons we love and hate them:


  • They have a consistently decent product (rarely bad)
  • Some locations are better than others
  • They are one of the only HDJs that offer spicy chili as an upgrade
  • They have many locations around the southern half of the state
  • They have a consistently decent product (rarely great)
  • They call chili "sauce" in most of their locations
  • Lately all of their new locations seem to half HDJ and half gambling joints
In spite of our history with Sam's, we still seeded them #2 in this tournament, primarily because of their spicy chili offering; heretofore the only such offering in downtown Charleston. Or should I say "theretofore"? Because defending champion Sister Act Cafe now offers TWO spicy chilis; And they call it chili!

So as you might be able to tell, Sam's rode in to this contest on the strength of their chili, but Sister Act's is better. It is spicier and better tasting; it's not even close. 

Sam's slaw looks better and had the right consistency for perfect hot dog slaw, but it is not any tastier than Sister Act's. 

Sam's weenie has always been a weak spot (soaking all day in a pool of its own filth), and this time is no different; Sister Act's grilled weenie beats it. 

Buns being equal, this round goes to Sister Act Cafe, setting up the final round against...

... Swiftwater Cafe!

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