Thursday, July 08, 2021

Coming Soon - The West Virginia Hot Dog Trail

Since its beginning in 2006, the WV Hot Dog Blog has been directing people to the best examples of our state's signature hot dog. This 15 year-long project has created a vast database of hot dog joints, both good and bad. Our intrepid Weenie Wonks have traveled to every corner of the state, sampled and reviewed hundreds of  of hot dogs at hundreds of Hot Dog Joints. We know which HDJs have the best chili (and we know where they call it chili and where they call it sauce), the best slaw and we know the ones who have discovered the secret of perfectly pairing the two to make the perfect West Virginia Hot Dog. 

And we know that if you grew up in Marion or Harrison County, you are most likely clueless about the way the rest of West Virginia eats their hot dogs. 

We also know that people will go a long way for a great hot dog, so this month -- to celebrate our 15th anniversary and National Hot Dog Month -- we will be revealing our latest project, the West Virginia Hot Dog Trail.

Stay tuned.

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