Thursday, July 22, 2021

The West Virginia Hot Dog Trail - Those Left Off

We knew from the start we couldn't include every HDJ that deserved to be on the WV Hot Dog Trail. There were some that we'd love to include, but whose commitment to maintaining posted business hours is sketchy, and some whose hours we could not find. There were a couple that had no recent information on their websites and didn't answer the phone when we called, so we had no choice but to omit them. 

Geography played a part in the design of the Trail. We have never found decent hot dogs in either panhandle, so we didn't even try to include them. Then there's the whole Ohio Valley, which we didn't ignore, but there just was not any practical way to route the Trail to include the few good HDJs in the region. Maybe we'll design a day trip route to hit those places.

With one exception, we only included HDJ's that one of our Weenie Wonks had visited and reviewed. This map is based on our research, not some random internet search. So, yeah, when people comment and say "you left off John's Food Barn in Bugtussle," it's because we've never been to John's place. 

We didn't include and of the Sam's Hot Dogs locations, because we've found them to be inconsistent and most of them now are either inside a gas station or a gambling parlor. No doubt, you can get a good, authentic West Virginia Hot Dog at some Sam's locations. Rarely, though, do they merit a 4 Weenie or above rank so we excluded them.

Yes, we left off that place in Lesage that looks like a junkyard because we find their embrace of  negative Appalachian stereotypes to be offensive. And their hot dogs aren't very good. 

There is another root beer place in Huntington that we left off, not because the owner is a bigot (he is) but because their hot dogs are just plain mediocre. We are always amazed when Huntingtonians chime in when we give them the low scores they deserve. Huntington is peculiar that way, always seeming to be overly enthusiastic in their support the home team irrespective of its quality. 

And yes, we left off Yann's, much to the chagrin of almost everyone in Marion County. The reason is simple: This map is about West Virginia Hot Dogs, which always have chili/sauce, mustard, onions and coleslaw. Any place that refuses to serve coleslaw can't be on the list. 

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