Saturday, July 23, 2022

The 2022 West Virginia Hot Dog Trail - Preamble

Because a trip has to start and end somewhere, last year's Hot Dog Trail began where Interstate 64 enters the state (Kenova) and ended a short distance from where I77 crosses the Pennsylvania line. We realized that there were several problems with this approach, and tried to rectify a few of them this year.

Problem number one was beginning the trail in Huntington, a place that already has a misplaced sense of importance when it comes to hot dogs. Charleston, being the Capital City, is the natural place to begin the journey. And why not make it a circuit and end in Charleston too? 

Problem two was having the trail end in the north, where decent hot dogs become fewer and farther between with every passing mile. 

Problem three was leaving out the Mid-Ohio Valley. Inclusion of the MOV region allowed us to take a brief trip into the Northern Panhandle, whether it deserves it or not. 

Now we know are still places that have great hot dogs that are far off the Trail's route, but hey, there's always next year. 

But this year we will take a route that travels through the Coalfields on much the same path as last year, snakes up through the New River Gorge and Gauley River drainage and takes I79 through the nearly slawless North Central region. But instead of exiting the state, let's take a left turn and sneak under the Mason Dixon Line and around to Wheeling, shall we? And once in sight of the Ohio River, we'll follow it more or less until we make our way to Kenova. Then it's a quick trip back to Charleston. 

This route will take a bit longer, but you'll have 9 additional opportunities for hot dogs.

So saddle up, it's almost WV Hot Dog Trail time!

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