Sunday, July 03, 2022

Parkersburg HDJ Review - Broadway Sandwich Ship

Broadway Sandwich Shop

This is the shortest the line got in the 30 minutes we spent in the HDJ. Moments after this shot, it swelled to 10 people. 

The Utilitarian Dogs of Broadway

When we began looking for new HDJs to include in this year's WV Hot Dog Trail, we realized we ignored the Ohio Valley in the 2021 edition. Plotting a course down Rt. 2 from Wheeling means that we will go right through Parkersburg, so we looked back through our old reviews and Googled to find out what was new there. We came across one that fit neither category: an old HDJ that had somehow escaped the watchful eye of our Weenie Wonks, so we thought we'd better check it out. 

Three things about Broadway Sandwich Shop that no one will argue with are:

They are popular.

They are fast.

They are cheap. 

Here's how we found out these three things: We pulled up and looked at the Long line of customers waiting and immediately thought "ain't nobody got time for this," but before that thought had escaped our lips we realized the line was moving pretty darned fast, so we went in. As soon as we got in line, it continued to grow behind us and it never stopped the entire time we were eating our hot dogs, which cost us 99 cents each (plus 20 cents for slaw, but we'll get to that). Popular. Fast. Cheap. 

But good? 

First, let's describe the sauce (yes, "sauce" here this close to the Ohio River, but to be honest, calling this stuff chili just wouldn't be right no matter where it was). Tasty, but exceedingly runny. That about sums it up. It's more of a condiment than an integral part of the hot dog. 

Now let's address that 20 sent slaw. Ok, it's close to Ohio, but this is West Virginia and hotdogs have slaw on them. Don't charge extra. What's next, an upcharge to get a bun? But we have to admit, the slaw is pretty good. They even serve it in bulk and we were tempted to grab a pint to take to Fairmont with us. 

The weenie is super-small caliber, and interestingly enough, the menu board offers an extra weenie as an upgrade. First time we've seen that anywhere. 

Overall the hot dog is decent, but we get the feeling that the allegiance it enjoys from so many people is based primarily on price, not quality. We'll give it a generous 3 1/2 Weenie score and keep looking for that Parkersburg HDJ that is worthy of being included on this year's Trail. 

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