Thursday, July 13, 2006

2006 Weenie Awards - Charleston's Best Hot Dog Chili? Where else?

Chris' Hot Dogs wins 2006 Weenie Award for Best Hot Dog Chili!

Many years ago Gus Christo received the secret recipe to his father's hot dog chili and started making some of the best hot dogs in town at his restaurant, Chris' Hot Dogs on Washington Street West. His daughter, Karen, still runs Chris' and still makes her grandfather's recipe the way her father did before her. It is very spicy and perfect in texture and consistency. It is, according to many, many Charlestonians, the perfect hot dog chili.

"All good Charlestonians know there's only one place in town to get the authentic West Virginia hot dog," wrote Rick Lee in his blog in January. Well, would you believe that when I presented the Weenie Award for Best Chili to her, Karen actually seemed surprised? How can she not know how good her chili is? But she takes no credit for it, and in fact wouldn't allow me to take her picture with her award. She said the credit is due her father, so I improvised by inserting a photo of Gus that hangs behind the bar into this shot. Sorry for the glare. Perhaps you can visit Chris' and see the real thing for yourself.

While you're at it, have a hot dog. You won't be sorry.


Donutbuzz said...

Indeed. Chris' makes the best hot dog chili I've ever eaten.

Jennifer said...

Best hot dogs ever. My dad and I used to go to lunch at Chris's once a week when I was a kidlet. We still squeeze in a quick bite there whenever possible when visiting home.