Monday, July 24, 2006

Charleston's Best Hot Dog Joint? Deliberations Continue

There really are a lot of variables to consider picking the best Hot Dog Joint.

One way to look at this problem: If one were to go up to Timmy's Snack Shack and get a bun, then proceed to Swiftwater Cafe and have them slap a weenie on it, mosey over to Chris' for a bunful of chili, then high-tail it over to Romeo's for some slaw then you would have in your hand the best ringer hot dog you could assemble in Charleston. But where then, would be the best place to eat said hot dog? Where is the best atmosphere? Where is the hot doggiest decor? Hmmm.

Or rather should we consider the HDJ award in the same manner that we judged the best hot dog, looking at the overall experience and weighing the positives independantly? Wouldn't this method skew the results toward those places that have already won an award? Would that be a bad thing?

I am suffering, I tell you, suffering over this decision!

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