Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Charleston Area Hot Dog Joints - Spring Hill Deli

I should know better, I really should. A deli inside a convenience store is not going to be a place to find a great hot dog. But I saw the sign that said "Hot Dogs" underneath a "Boar's Head Meats" sign and I thought, hey, it might be pretty good because Boar's Head weenies are excellent.

Well, the deli might sell Boar's Head meat, but I would hate to think the weenie on my hot dog was a Boar's Head product. If it was, it had been cooked beyond recognition, or left out in the sun too long, or something. It was skinny, chewy and tasteless. Other than that it was fine.

The bun was crusty, the chili lifeless and bland, the slaw was from a bulk container labeled "Chef's Pride" - I would not be proud if I was the chef.

Located at the corner of Chestnut Street and MacCorkle Avenue in Spring Hill, this might be a place to get your gas, milk, beer or even some ham and cheese but not the place for hot dogs.

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