Saturday, August 05, 2006

"The Best Hot Dogs in Town"

Every town in West Virginia seems to have at least one hot dog joint that has a sign posted with the claim that it has the best hot dogs in town. I have found that these signs are rarely correct, unless it's a town with only one HDJ. In larger towns there is often two or more HDJs with such a sign posted. Obviously someone is lying. it is not possible for more that one place to have "the best."

A warning to all WVHDJs who boast such a sign: You will be judged more harshly if you make false claims. Be careful. Don't lure me in with a promise of "Town's Best Hot Dogs" and then dash my hopes with lackluster weenies or mediocre toppings.

A reader recently emailed me and told me about a newly-opened HDJ in Charleston that makes the claim. I will be visiting them soon. If you see any such signs around please let me know so we can put a stop to this blatant false advertising.

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Christopher Scott Jones said...

Reminds me of a warning my Grandfather once gave me about any construction company that goes out of its way to express its adherence to Christianity. If you have to over-sell, something must be suspicious.