Wednesday, August 09, 2006

New Hot Dog Product at Krogers

I've noticed a sharp uptick in the number of food products on the market that feature pre-assembled food elements. I guess they are supposed to save us busy Americans time and energy, and have an excuse to charge a heck of a lot more money for the same product ("value added" they call it - I call it "highway robbery"). The latest such product, and most appropriate for inclusion here, is Oscar Mayer Fast Franks.

OK, first, how hard is it to put together a hot dog and a bun? Does this product really save that much time? To be fair, though, it does solve the age old dilemna of 10 weenies and eight buns in a package (like George Carlin says, "You gotta buy a LOT of those things before it evens out!")

Second, look at the package: "America's favorite hot dog in a BAKERY FRESH BUN." How fresh can it be if it's baked, sent to the hot dog plant for weenie insertion, packaged in individual plastic wrappers and put in a cardboard carton and shipped in a refrigerator truck across the USA?

I was so amazed at the the discovery that I completely forgot to look at the price. If anyone can check the price before I get back to Krogers go ahead and post it in comments.


Christopher Scott Jones said...

Sounds about as fresh as any hot dog in the northern part of the state.

The Film Geek said...

Hey, I have a hot dog joint in Huntington I think deserves a review. It's kinda small, but I like the chili they use, and the slaw is great. It' s the Prichard Sandwich shop in the first floor of the Prichard bldg., 9th street and 6th Avenue.

By the way, this blog has really affected my dining habits in a way that I didn't expect. Last week I was at Myrtle Beach, and while there at at my favorite dive, River City Cafe. I ordered the hot dog platter. The dog comes, and here are the thoughts I have BEFORE I take a bite:

1. The way the mustard is added in a wavy sort of motion is really neat;

2. The slaw is finely chopped, and appears creamy;

3. The bun is steamed, whcih I like;

4. The chili smells great, and isn't too runny or too think.

I mean, c'mon...I just used to eat the damn hot dogs. Now, I critique 'em. Something is horribly, horribly wrong. :)

Stanton said...

Welcome to the Dark Side, Geek.

Creamy cole slaw on a hot dog in Myrtle Beach: Not surprising since it is, after all, the southern-most city in West Virginia.

Hey Chris, put Prichard Sandwich Shop on your to-do list.

Christopher Scott Jones said...

Can do. Keep your eyes peeled for my review of Frostop, coming later this weekend.