Tuesday, August 01, 2006

W. Va. Hot Dog Festival - The Other Dogs

It seems a little weird to me to have a Hot Dog Festival and have a bunch of events for the four-legged kind of dogs along with it. Think of it, if you didn't have a real understanding of our culture and looked at the meat on a hot dog then saw all the dogs running around, what would you think? Knowing that we call them both "dogs" wouldn't help matters. Wouldn't you think that the people were cold-blooded dog killers that could pet their dog and eat it too?

Maybe it's just me.

Here are some pictures that highlight the "other" dogs at Saturday's event:

With the incessant barking, yapping and butt-sniffing, violence was inevitable. I caught this shot just before the brown dog bit the head off the black dog. (OK, not really, but he tried.)

This lady obviously drew the short straw and had to hold this sign up while all the dogs lined up behind her and then she led the parade around the courtyard.

If this were video you would hear the inimitable strains of the Baja Men singing "Who Let the Dogs Out?" which played as the The Pooch Parade began. It was most embarrassing. But not as embarrassing as . . .

. . . This! I really felt bad for this little guy, er I mean girl. OK, I didn't check but either way . . . sheesh!

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larryosaurus said...

I can hear it now:
"Does this dog make me look fat?"