Saturday, February 03, 2007

Charleston Area Hot Dog Review - Wal Rocks

Don't ask me. I have no idea why it's called "Wal Rocks."

This little hot dog joint sits near the intersection of Rt. 60 and Witcher Creek Drive just east of Belle. It is inside a large metal building that also houses a grocery store. A sign on the outside lets you know that they sell food inside, but the name of the establishment is nowhere to be found. If I hadn't seen an advertisement in the local shopping guide that gave the address of Wal Rocks I would never have known what the place was called.

Inside there are a couple of pool tables but for the most part looks like it is still under construction. A beverage cooler along one wall has the name of the former tennant emblazoned proudly on the wall above it, but the cooler is empty and dark. The cavernous interior is devoid of anything of interest. I had intended to eat there but the atmosphere insisted I get my dogs to go.

The same advertisement that rought me to Wal Rocks also claimed that it had been voted to have "The Best Hot Dogs up Witcher." Not a surprising claim since they are only hot dogs up Witcher unless you count the ones that Esta Memorial Baptist Church sells once in a while at fundraisers. But when I arrived and saw the sign I found out that they also claimed to have the "Best Hot Dogs in Town." Technically they aren't in any town, but since they are closest to the Town of Belle, we'll assume that's what they mean. Since I could not find any other HDJ in Belle then I guess they might be right on that count as well.

But as I've said before, if you advertise you have the best hot dogs in town, you better by golly make a good effort or is going to judge you very harshly. With this in mind, let's see what Wal Rocks has to offer.

"Everything" I was told in a very unsure manner, includes chili, slaw, mustard and onions; Ketchup if I wanted it. I didn't.

The chili smelled good and had a good flavor, but lacked any spicyness whatsoever. The slaw was fine and creamy but completely lacked sweetness. The bun was straight out of the Heiners bag and fresh enough, but no steaming or other heating. Onions were a little strong - probably from being chopped for so long before serving.

Overall a 3.5 Weenie rating is all this hot dog earns.

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The Film Geek said...

I hate to be judgemental, but that looks like a place where the question: "What's everything?" would be answered with" "An oil change, tire rotation and free hand wash."