Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fairmont HDJ Review - Something not quite right at Wright Dawgs

Following a holiday hiatus lasting far longer than I desired, I finally bring to you: Wright Dogs, the newest player in the highly competitive hot dog vending world that is Fairmont, WV.

Some of you will, undoubtedly, recognize the exterior facade of this location. For those that don't, it is located in the old Dog House abode. If you visited the Dog House, you will recognize significant changes inside. The kitchen area has been compressed to allow for a more traditional 'bar' seating arrangement more typical of hot dog stands. Where did this and other new ideas come from? New management, of course; a local husband and wife team, who have opened this as their first restaurant.

On with the dogs:

Firstly, we see that this is yet another WVHD from a Fairmont HDJ (clearly, a coup is taking place). While the slaw is not a standard topping (ie, it wouldn't come on an 'everything' dog), it is available. Sadly though, the slaw aficionados who frequent this site will be disappointed in this rendition. While the slaw is cut incredibly small (lending to a good texture), this seems to have resulted in the release of too much liquid from the cabbage. I found it to have minimal flavor, perhaps the faintest hint of sweetness present. Overall it was just too watery and bland to offer a complement to the rest of the dog.

An unfortunate truth, since the rest of the dog, while basic, was quite good. Consisting of a basic, bagged and lightly steamed bun; basic wiener; mustard; freshly chopped onion; all smothered under an adequate portion of meaty 'sauce' yielded a quite good dog (or dawg, as the case may be). The sauce was definitely harboring a special blend of spices, resulting in a taste that I can't say I've sampled previously. While I couldn't quite place the rogue elements within, it certainly agreed with my palate. Also agreeable were the fresh cut french fries. Seems like such a simple thing to do right, I always wonder why more places don't roll their own.

On a different hot dog review site, this dog would undoubtedly garner higher accolades. However, in the defining moment of becoming a WVHD, certain standards must be achieved. Wright Dawgs falls a little short of WVHD domination with a 3.5 wienie rating.

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