Saturday, February 24, 2007

Jerry Waters Radio Talk Show in Charleston

On Friday two of our local bloggers, Jackie Lantern and The Film Geek, where guests on a local AM talk show. The discussion was heavy about this blog and Charles live-blogged the show here.

After the show I took Jackie and The Film Geek to lunch at Chris' and they brought their new friend Jerry Waters and his producer Andy Albertini along. Now Jerry is an old Charleston boy and knows what he likes on his hot dogs and is pretty particular about how they are served. To say he didn't care for Chris' is an understatement. He railed about how the toppings didn't cover the weenie and how the bun wasn't steamed and how the onions were too hot. Regular listeners of Jerry's show know that he's not too quick to dole out compliments. 'Nuff said.

Well, in spite of Jerry's complaining about what I know is a first-class hot dog joint, I still found him to be a good guy and I really appreciated him promoting blogging and especially promoting this blog. I was eager to check my sitemeter today to see how all of the publicity had affected my traffic. Unfortunately there was no appreciable bump. I guess both of Jerry's regular listeners must've been at the doctor.

But thanks anyway, Jerry. It was fun.


The Film Geek said...

I apopreciated the lunch, and the company! It was fun.

Chris' makes a great hot dog. I'm guessing they are "flaming liberals" like The Film Geek, and that played a role in how Jerry's dog was served. My hot dog had a warm, soft bun and generous helpings of slaw and onions.

Wv Sky said...

haha.. I SAW your hot dog! While I have no idea if the bun were warm... your dogs looked just like mine... lacking! Just for that, I'm going back to Chris's and photograph a hot dog. By the way, the onions were ok and not hot like they used to be. I guess everyone id using sweet onions these days instead of the old hot yellow onions of yesteryear.

Hoppy was at the Capitol this week. People are actually interested in the same old lies of the same old politicians as always, and so I'm sure I lost "some" listeners to that. I've never understood why people listen to sports shows for hours just to hear the same old sports figures mumble the same old clich├ęs that they're heard thousands of times before. These are the people who fully expect to hear politicians say something new. hahaha! Anyway... Think I'll go to sams on Hale street for a good hot dog ;)

Christopher Scott Jones said...

Looks like another Sam's fan, Stanton.

larryosaurus said...

That was my first visit to Chris's and I liked the dogs alot. On the other hand I like Sam's dogs on Hale St. too and eat there at least once a week. Can't we all just get along?

Thanks for the lunch Stanton!