Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Big Daddy: Reviewer At Large

I’d like to bid you all greetings from the North Central region of our beloved Mountain State. I hope this introduction of me finds all of my fellow WVHD fans happy and healthy.

A little bit about myself for those of you currently battling insomnia at this moment: I’m a thirty-something resident of the area that’s lived around these parts for the majority of my life, save for a few trips around the country and other parts of the world (on Uncle Sam’s dime). I can say in complete confidence that there’s no other place like West Virginia to be found anywhere. Likewise, there are no other delicacies anywhere close to the glorious West Virginia Hot Dogs.

I’m not going to get into the specifics of my educational background, political interests (which are zero), or the like. I’ll stick to the important stuff like:

Favorite music: 80’s rock for the most part, but I’ll listen to just about anything.
Favorite movies (no particular order): The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Spider-Man, Tombstone, The Blues Brothers

Favorite TV shows: Sports Center, MMA (UFC, Pride, WEC), Mythbusters, just about anything on Food Network

Favorite food: Look at where you’re at. Do you really have to ask?

I’m honored to have the opportunity to hunt down the best HDJs in the region and bring them to you. The thrill is in the hunt, and I look forward to giving you the best possible review that I can. Please bear in mind that I’ll strive to be fair and impartial to the utmost. As always, you should take the opportunity to patronize your favorite HDJ and spread the word by testifying to friends and family alike.
Take care and remember: “Indecision may or may not by my problem.” – Jimmy Buffett


The Film Geek said...

Welcome, Big [cough, cough] Daddy.

The question is: where do you stand on slaw?

I'm Dad (and I said so!) said...

Hey FG,

Thanks for the welcome. I was checking out your blog and really liked it. Good stuff there.

As for slaw, I think the state government should create a mandatory "slaw is the law" bill. That's just me though.

Question for you: do you prefer the local cineplex or a good ol' drive-in for new releases?

The Film Geek said...

Appreciate the compliment.

If given the choice of watching the next 100 movies in a drive in or a cineplex, I'd pick the cineplex 75 out of the 100. I love the drive-in for the charm, but the technical prowess of the cineplex is just too magical to pass up regularly.

Of course, wherever I catch the next flick, I watch it with a terrific WV Hot Dog on me lap.

Christopher Scott Jones said...

Welcome on board

I'm Dad (and I said so!) said...

Thanks Chris!