Friday, August 24, 2007

Charleston HDJ No Review - The Salty Weiner

It's not fair to review a HDJ before it has its sea legs, and so I won't be providing a review right now for Charleston's newest mobile hot dog stand, The Salty Weiner. I found their cart set up in Davis Park next to the band stand and had a couple of their hot dogs. I think they will do better with experience, but today they were struggling with the heat and the newness (this is their first week). The owners said they plan on staying put but they might move if business dictates. They sell BBQ on a bun, hot dogs and hope to offer hamburgers in the future.

I'll offer this advice to the new entrepreneurs:

1) Go for excellent ingredients. There is too much competition downtown to expect to make it on a decent hot dog, you need a great one.

2) Be dependable. Be where we can find you when we want you.

Good luck Salty Weiner dudes! The next time we visit will be for keeps, so be ready!


Christopher Scott Jones said...

That bad, eh?

Happy hippo said...

I appreciate you checking them out. Here's hoping they have their s*@t together when you next see them. Thanks again.