Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hinton Hot Dog Joint Review - Kirk's

I have eaten in this restaurant maybe six times over the years and each time it seems to have a different name. So when I got an email recently that suggested Kirk's for a review, I didn't know where I was going until I got there. But after getting there I realized this was same neat little riverside restaurant I had taken my kids to when they were small. I remember them feeding the ducks by dropping scraps of bread over the edge of the covered deck that extends out over the water's edge. This time, though, we were greeted by a sign that warned diners not to feed the ducks. No matter, because I didn't see any ducks this trip.

To eat on the deck, you must first go inside and place your order at the counter with one of the delightful order-takers and then they deliver your order to your table. The service we had on the evening we were there was just over-the-top friendly and attentive.

Obviously it is a Hinton thing to pile chili on top of the coleslaw, because Kirk's hot dogs look just just like the ones down the street at the DQ (see that review for reasons why this is wrong). Kirk's, however, tastes a little saltier and zingier than DQ, but still very tame as hot dog goes.

The slaw was sweet and tasty. I only know this because my wife got a side order with her meal and I tasted a fork full. It was very good and went well with the tame chili.

If Kirk's has a downfall it is the weenie which was small caliber and grilled too long. I know it was grilled because it had marks where it was nearly burned in places. The over-cooking made the weenie tough and chewy.

Overall Kirk's hot dog is virtually the same as DQ - A little better chili and a little lesser weenie, but it nets out the same. Kirk's has as nice a dining area, at least during warmer weather. With this kind of parity I have no choice but to award the same score to Kirk's as I gave DQ. 4 Weenies.


I'm Dad (and I said so!) said...

I can't be 100% sure by the photo, but that sure looks like and English split-top bun.

What's the deal with the recent rash of chili-on-top-of-slaw incidents? I think all of us here at have encountered them.

crystal said...

Yeah, I noticed the bun too! But then again,, those are my favorites!

Christopher Scott Jones said...

I don't think I've ran across sauce-on-slaw recently, but it does pop up from time to time whenever there is a n00b working at Sam's or M & M.

Maybe this should be called the "Hinton Exception." (permissible in Hinton and nowhere else).

wvapoker said...

I think when I ate there I had a standard bun, but it was grilled. I thought that was unique. I enjoy the crunchy to soft texture of grilled buns.

I thought the service was good, but I'm not used to having to tip when I'm eating a hot dog. (This is an issue for a different blog)

"I need MORE cowbell!"

Unknown said...

If you have encountered this place by several names, then you're really elderly. In the 1950's, it was John's Dairette, owned by John Mazella. The Dairy Queen that you mentioned (just down the road) was owned by the Kirk's. The Kirk's retired and sold the DQ to the Anderson's (who still own it). The Kirk's "unretired" and purchased John's Dairette from Mr. Mazella. They named it Kirk's Restaurant, and that's how it stands today. The Kirk's sold the business many years ago to the Rice's. They are the current owners. Thus, the similarity in Hot Dogs. Mrs. Kirk brought her recipe with her. Both are great family oriented places to dine. Excellent food, all around....
Jim Noel (Hinton born and raised)

Unknown said...

Where can i bye the buns havent seen them any where here in martinsburgs wv let me know asap plz