Tuesday, July 31, 2007

WVHotDogBlog.com 2007 Weenie Awards Honorable Mentions

As part of the 2007 Weenie Awards, a few special honorable mentions need to be brought up. Chris discusses the Huntingon HDJs, while Stanton has the Charleston and At-Large beat covered: Huntington Area

  • Hillbilly Hot Dog was a close runner-up for both the best sauce and best HDJ and was also in the running for best hot dog. Look for them to rack up some silverware in 2008.
  • That lil' pharmacy in Kenova, Griffith & Feil, really impressed WVHotDogBlog.com. and quite possibly would have been the best HDJ for "WV At Large" if it weren't solidly in the Greater Huntington region.
  • Frostop's root beer also deserves special commendation for being the best beverage served at a HDJ or any other sort of restaurant in the known universe.

Charleston Area

  • Clendenin Dairy Queen is the best DQ I have found anywhere. If it were 5 miles further from Charleston it would have been judged as an "At Large", but it probably wouldn't have made a difference since it still would have been beaten by Morrison's.
  • Hillbilly Gourmet would win hands-down if there was a category for best hot dog cart, and not only becuase they are the only cart currently operating in Charleston. Their hot dogs are great, but a mobile cart has too many limitations to seriously contend with real restaurants with coolers and bun steamers. Maybe next year.

W. Va. At Large

  • Hanks Deli - Here's a lone outpost in Marion County that should be rewarded for having the courage to boldly go where no Fairmont HDJ has gone before: Slaw as a standard item on their great hot dogs.

We received so many great recommendations this year but we couldn't get to all of them because of time and distance. I'd bet that a few of them will be contenders next year.

Well, there you have it: The Second Annual WVHotDogBlog.com Weenie Awards is in the book. Our congratulations to all the winners. Here is the list one more time:

Best Chili/Sauce

Greater Charleston - Skeenie's Hot Dogs

Greater Huntington - Sam's Hot Dog Stand, Piedmont Road

At Large - Morrison's Drive Inn, Logan

Best Slaw

Greater Charleston- The Swiftwater Cafe, Washington Street

Greater Huntington - Austin's Homemade Ice Cream - Ceredo

At Large - T&L Hot Dogs, Buckhannon

Best Hot Dog Joint

Greater Charleston - Chris' Hot Dogs, West Washington St.

Greater Huntington - Dairy Belle, Chesapeake, OH

At Large - D.J.'s 50's and 60's Diner, Fairmont Best Hot Dog

Greater Charleston - Romeo's Grill, South Charleston

Greater Huntington - Sam's Hot Dog Stand, 8th Street

At Large - Morrison's Drive Inn, Logan


The Film Geek said...

Nice work this year, guys!

Christopher Scott Jones said...

Don't let Blogger fool you, Stanton did most of the work on this post. I just started the rough draft.

Another good post, as always, Stanton.