Thursday, December 13, 2007

Charleston HDJ Review - RPM Restaurant

A new Capital City HDJ has opened in the former home of the Patrick Street location of Sam's Hot Dog Stand. RPM Restaurant, obviously a reference to automobile terminology (revolutions per minute) since the interior is decorated with cars: Little model cars all over the place. I'm guessing the owner is a car enthusiast. I'm psychic like that.

The most impressive piece of decorating, though, is not inside but standing outside in the parking lot: A five foot tall weenie pouring ketchup over its head! Ketchup! (at least it has a bottle of what looks like mustard in the other hand) I've seen this statue at other HDJs before, but this one is unique because it is wearing a cape made from an American flag. This kind of lawn ornamentation definitely says loudly and proudly that this is a Hot Dog Joint. And RPM is definitely a hot dog joint.

I was in a hurry so I didn't have much time to peruse the menu board. I stopped when I saw "West Virginia Hot Dog" with its chili, slaw, mustard and onions. I ordered 2 to go. I was pleased to look in the bag and see that the dogs were individually wrapped in aluminum foil. They were really nice and soft by the time I got them to the car, and unwrapping them was a treat. The slaw was gorgeous, finely chopped with enough carrots to give it some great color. It tasted great too: Very fresh and lightly sweet. It went perfectly with the chili, which was a little on the tame side spice-wise, but had a good flavor nonetheless. The whole dog was kind of salty tasting, which was unusual but not unsavory. The all-beef weenie added the extra oomph that made this a special dog.

Not quite a Five -Weenie, because the chili was a little too tame. After I ordered I noticed a spicy option, and I've already decided to schedule a revisit to check it out. But for now, RPM scores a very good 4.5 Weenie rating.

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Christopher Scott Jones said...

You couldn't have that statue in a college town...unless you didn't mind replacing it about 20 times a year.