Monday, December 10, 2007

Parkersburg HDJ Review - Mr. Diggity

My recent Parkersburg swing allowed me to visit another HDJ that I've received lots of email about: Mr. Diggity's. While technically in Vienna, this little HDJ is a little more upscale than the average small town typically has to offer. I came to this conclusion when I saw the sign on the front sidewalk announcing that they were serving Lobster Bisque: not your typical side dish for a WVHD. Inside I found a very functional floor plan with some nice decor, a few really roomy booths and enough tables to seat more than the lunch time crowd that was there at the time of my visit. It would be a nice place for a casual business lunch as well as a nice place to take the kids.

A board behind the counter offers a dizzying array of possible combinations of hot dogs and toppings. Since it was the lunch hour and many hungry people were waiting in line I just ordered one with the proper toppings for a West Virginian and let them decide which of the menu items it most closely resembled. I did notice that the board listed the most requested combination as sauce, slaw and onions. My additional request of mustard didn't seem to raise any eyebrows.

When I got my hot dog the first thing I noticed was the incredible softness of the bun. It literally molded itself to the shape of my hand as I began to unwrap it. Once it was unwrapped it was the slaw that caught my eye: This just might be the most finely chopped slaw I have ever seen on a hot dog. The slaw could not help but be creamy with its minute cabbage particles, but the taste was very nice as well. It was applied in a heaping helping.

As for the chili sauce, it was good and went well with the slaw, but it lacked any distinctive characteristic: Not spicy, not tart, not meaty. Just sauce. If it were a bit spicier would make the whole dog better.

Still, Mr. Diggity's has a mighty fine hot dog. It scores a 4.5 Weenie rating.


Michael Grant said...

We have a little contest going on at

You should check it out.

Elvis Drinkmo said...

Damn, looks good.

When I start my Christmas shopping on December 24th, I'll have to stop in and grab one.