Monday, December 24, 2007

New Martinsville HDJ Review - Presto Lunch

West Virginia Hot Dog lovers, There's a new thrill in New Martinsville: Presto Lunch.

According to the printed mats placed on each table in this beautiful retro-styled eatery, the original Presto Lunch was located a few doors down from the current location on over fifty years ago and remained popular well through the 1960's. The granddaughters of the original owners and their mother reopened the restaurant in 2006.

The dining area is spacious while remaining warm and inviting just the same. It's directly adjoined with a wide-open cooking area, separated only by a counter with some stools. Each table has its own roll of paper towels on a spool, which is more than a's a necessity to help sop up all the lip-smacking goodness. My ultra-friendly waitress was happy to point out that everything on the menu is homemade. “Mom” was constantly referred to, and it was easy to figure out which one in the kitchen area she was. No doubt this family puts their all into this fantastic establishment.

My order arrived in a relatively short amount of time, and I was more than pleased by the quality of my hot dogs. The slaw was nothing short of to die for. This was not your typical HDJ slaw, but rather a flawlessly balanced sweet/tangy promenade. The cabbage was finely shredded and chopped, which allowed to dressing to weave into the mixture. It was not too thick to clump or too thin to run. There was a hint of freshly ground black pepper to boot.

The chili was also a work of art. The sauce was smooth and rich, complex yet not overpowering the rest of the dog. The grind of the meat wasn't too fine, but that served it well since the meat and sauce were able to blend together and compliment each other. It was very hearty and gave you that stick-to-your-ribs semblance.

As well it should be, the onions were sandwiched right in between the layer of chili and the slaw. The mustard was applied right on top of the onions to ensure they didn't slide out of place on the comfortably steamed bun. Personally, I'd call it a work of art when a hot dog artisan takes the time to place the components of a hot dog in a deliberate layout that results in a plethora of flavor.

Astounding service from a wonderful staff, awesome hot dogs, and attention to detail (cherry Coke that comes with actual cherries) earn the magical Presto Lunch a five weenie rating. This is well worth going out of your way for. Watch for Presto Lunch to be nominated in the Weenie Awards.

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