Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Looking for Hillbilly Hot Dogs?

With last night's premiere of the Food Network's piece on Hillbilly Hot Dogs, this blog has seen a huge number of referrals from search engine queries looking for info on the place, Here are a few links to make your search easier:

Hillbilly Hot Dogs Web Site
WVHotDogs.com review of the original Lesage location
WVHotDogs.com review of the Huntington location
A local (Huntington, WV) newspaper article about last night's premier party

For those of you not familiar with West Virginia style hot dogs, you might be interested in this FAQ page that will clue you in on the reasons West Virginia hot dogs are the best hot dogs in the universe. Of course I should point out that most of the hot dogs that Hillbilly Hot Dogs sells are not typical West Virginia style hot dogs. They specialize more in the bizarre. While they do have a "West Virginia Hot Dog" on the menu, it is a rather inferior specimen since they refuse to have decent slaw, the main ingredient of a proper WVHD.

But hey, they do have the atmosphere, gotta give 'em that.


Christopher Scott Jones said...

The slaw, by itself, tastes like it is blended for a rabbit with a fondness for black pepper.

That being said, I find that it works well with the sauce to make for a great dog.

Stanton said...

Huntington homer.

Paul S. said...

Eh... I duhno. I'm kind of partial to Hillbilly Hotdogs slaw. I kinda like mine a little more cabbagey and less soggy. But well there's no accounting for taste.

Christopher Scott Jones said...

The Food Network will be re-airing the bejabbers out of it:


Doubting Thomas said...

Is the term "Moneyton" in the Lesage review referring to Huntington? If it is, I find it kind of funny because I heard at work (from someone who would know) that the city is very close to being bankrupt. Keep in mind that the "Huntington Mall" is actually in Barboursville, along with all of those other businesses...

Anyway, if I misread that somehow, feel free to berate me appropriately.

SHERIFTV said...

This is a funny video I shot at Hillbilly Hotdogs while I was at the Huntington Funnybone! Enjoy!


Christopher Scott Jones said...

"Moneyton" is the name used by Detroit crack wholesalers for the city, as we supposedly can't get enough of the rock.

Handsome Pete said...

I happened to catch the Hillbilly Hot Dog episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives the other night. I was excited because I'm going to be in West Virginia next weekend.

Less excited when I realized the restaurant was over 200 miles from where I'll be (around Morgantown, Cheat Lake?)

Anyway, do you have any recommendations for a true WV Hot Dog in the Morgantown area?