Tuesday, April 08, 2008

WV Hot Dog Festival video.

From the youth group of Lewis Memorical Baptist Church and posted to YouTube.

They manage to show video what seems to be all of the booths at last year's festival. In the comments on the video, the uploader calls Stewart's the best, which obviously means that he or she did not stop by M & M Dairy Bell's stall. :)

Great job, you guys.

PS - Mark your calenday, this year's fesitval will be on July 26.

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Stanton said...

Chris, did you not get the memo? We do not refer to that festival as the "West Virginia Hot Dog Festival". We will only call it the "Huntington Hot Dog Festival" until such time as they require vendors to have slaw available for the hot dogs.

Get with the program, dude.

It was a nice video though. Good find.