Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Charleston HDJ Review - Big Daddy's Fish & More

Located in a former Domino's Pizza location in a neighborhood with a troubled past, this little HDJ has an interestingly diverse menu. While the name would imply it's a fish joint - and they do have a good selection of fish offerings - they also have things like philly steak sandwiches, pizza bread, ham and cheese sandwiches and calzones. Oh, and hot dogs.

I guess I should begin with a disclaimer: Big Daddy's is not owned by our north central WV reviewer who goes by the same moniker. Any resemblance is purely coincidental. And I can assure you that if our BD had his own HDJ they wouldn't put ketchup on hot dogs; which these folks do unless instructed otherwise.

So this Big Daddy's is located on that little strip of land that isn't quite the West Side and isn't quite North Charleston on Seventh Avenue just around the corner from Patrick Street. The place used to house a restaurant with the unlikely name of "Some Kind of Wonderful Express" and that sign still occupies the top of the pole. A changeable letter sign denotes the business' new name and hand painted (read scrawled) letters on the storefront windows put the world on notice that hot dogs lurk inside.

After I navigated the ketchup infested waters and secured a hot dog with the right stuff (read chili, slaw, mustard and onions) I sat outside on the picnic bench; the only seating available at this establishment. The dog was wrapped in aluminum foil and was overstuffed with the driest chili I have ever seen and a huge helping of slaw. The flavor of both was OK, but the volume made this a somewhat satisfying dog. The weenie was large caliber and beefy tasting. The bun was unremarkable.

I won't spend much time getting to the point: This is not a very good hot dog. I am going back to Big Daddy's sometime to try the fish, but this is one of those places that serve hot dogs obligatorily and it tastes like it. Let's give it a 2.5 Weenie score simply because the size makes it a satisfying meal.

I'm going back for fish sometime, but since Big Daddy's is less than a mile from two really good HDJs I won't be stopping for hot dogs.


Christopher Scott Jones said...

Is the fish on the "Haughty" or the "fried" end of the spectrum?

All HDJs that are primarily non-HDJs need to check out Knuckle's Sandwich Co. in Huntington to learn how it is done.

Unknown said...

Where is this place? I would like to try their fish sandwich.

Unknown said...

Is it the "main drag" from Patrick Street that turns into Dunbar? It's a four-lane divided highway type? Near Sneeds Vac & Sew?

I'm Dad (and I said so!) said...

Ketchup? Blasphemy! I should probably have a disclaimer published in the newspaper classifieds stating that I will not be responsible for any calamity endured at any HDJ using my nickname whether intentional or not...especially if they use ketchup. GAG!

Christopher Scott Jones said...

Maybe county health dept.s should require all establishments that put ketchup on by default to have warning signs. Places may stil put red tide on dogs, but it must be off-menu and all bottles of the k-word must be labled "For fries, fish, and burgers only. Intentional misuse may lead to brain damage" (after Big Daddy kicks your ass).

Stanton said...

Susan, it's just after you turn the corner on to "the main drag" from Patrick Street. Probably a mile east of Sneed's.

Big Daddy: Easy big fella.

Chris: That is a great suggestion.

larryosaurus said...

You don't get a good dog in or around the projects....that's just a fact. Hell, I'm surprised you even stopped there.

But a fish sandwich? That might be the best one in C-Town...outside the ones they sell on Wertz Avenue.

Christopher Scott Jones said...

Jackie, the Democrat in me wants to shout you down for telling hurtful falsehoods, etc., but the realist in me is looking at a map of Huntington HDJs... :(