Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mayor Felinton goes after the weenie wonk vote

Huntington's incumbent mayor, David Felinton, will be hosting a free hot dog cookout at the Ritter Park picnic shelter on Teusday, September 16.

This will be a great time to press him on some of the important issues facing Huntington:

  • Why does Stewart's serve underweenie sauce?
  • What is his stance on slaw education for kindergarteners?
  • Can we get the alley behind the Sam's Hot Dog Stand in Highlawn paved?
  • Should the health dept. start cracking down on ketchup on hot dogs?
  • Would he support the re-introduction of tarring and feathering for stale buns?
  • Finally, would metro government impact our ability to buy moonshine from that killer HDJ off of Rt. 10 that we don't tell lawyers or artists from Charleston about?

1 comment:

Jim said...

Felinton needs to be careful talking about his kindergarten plans. He doesn't want his opponent to say "Felinton wants to teach Kindergarten students about their wieners."