Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Clarksburg HDJ Review - T&L Hot Dogs (Rosebud Plaza)

T&L Hot Dogs Rosebud Plaza Sometimes there is nothing better than just playing it safe and sticking with something familiar and reliable. With that thought in mind, I took a trip to the outskirts of Clarksburg for a good ol' West Virginia dog from T&L Hot Dogs' Rosebud Plaza location. This location is (I believe) the second oldest location in the chain, with downtown Bridgeport holding the title as the original restaurant.

Considering how busy as this location seemingly stays, I've always found the staff to be friendly irregardless of how crowded it gets. As it should be, you can always walk into a T&L and ask for a West Virginia dog, knowing that they're going to get it right. Like the other locations, the Rosebud spot boasts a retro 50s/60s look that's eye-catching and charming. What separates the Rosebud location from the others is the annual Summer Car Cruise held here, which features a plethora of snazzy classic autos from around the area, classic 50's cover bands, and other family-friendly events.
T&L Hot Dogs interior Rosebud Plaza, Clarksburg, WV

For a change of pace, I ordered the hot chili this time out. Doing so served to remind me of two things: First, I'm not as young as I think I am, and therefore my ability to handle super-spicy toppings is really diminished. Second, root beer is no match for chocolate milk when it comes to washing down really spicy chili.

The chili was what it should be from T&L...hearty, filling, beefy, full of flavor, and totally satisfying. No, it's not the greatest of all time, but it can certainly hold its own. The slaw at this particular location seems to have an unusually abundant amount of carrots in it. Somehow, though, it manages to work. The dressing is still sweet, cool, and creamy. With all other things (steamed buns, weenie, and onionsT&L Hot Dogs, West Virginia Hot Dogs), T&L always seems to have a good game plan in preparation. It's comfort food personified.

All things considered, this spot rates no less than four weenies. T&L's Rosebud Plaza location has all the familiar flavors and friendly service that made T&L thrive in the area for the last couple of decades.


LAL said...

Those look like fresh cut fries. If they are, for me, that would make good dog even better.

I'm Dad (and I said so!) said...

Yes, they are fresh cuts indeed. One of T&L's staple items, next to the hot dogs.

mike h said...

Thanks for all your reviews of Dave's Famous T & L Hot Dogs!!!
From the owners of the chain....
Mike h