Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Charleston Area Hot Dog Joints - Dee's Delights - Pinch

Used to be that you could buy a hot dog at dozen different places on the old Rt. 119 between Charleston and Elkview. The Elk River area always had more than its fair share of roadside dairy bars, diners and drive-ins. With this historical perspective in mind I turned right off the Spring Street bridge and headed north figuring I would find somewhere to grab a dog for lunch. As I left Charleston city limits I began to wonder. Mink Shoals came and went and still no HDJ. Big Chimney offered nothing but Hardees and if they do have a hot dog on the menu I am sure it's not a real WVHD so I didn't even bother. I continued northward all the way to the Elk Shopping Plaza (as the Earl of Elkview pronounces it, "Plah-ZAH") figuring surely there must be WVHD's somewhere, but alas there were none. I made the turn across the bridge and headed south on the opposite side of the river. After a few miles I found myself in downtown Pinch and there I found Dee's Delights - as picture perfect a WVHDJ as you will find.

The hot dogs, while not perfect, were classic WVHDs in every respect. Good chili (not very spicy), very good slaw (sweet and very finely chopped), mustard, onions & bun were all great. Add in the benefit of a full wrapping of wax paper and it totals an exemplary West Virginia Hot Dog. As Dee's sign says "A Little Pinch of Heaven." At only one dollar each you can't go wrong.

I also noticed a sign for a "Hot Pinch Dog" inside: a mettwurst with spicy saurkraut and mustard. They also serve the basic DQ type deep-fried fast food and, as you might guess, they have several dessert-ish offerings as well.

If you're in the neighborhood you should definitely check out Dee's. I promise they are the best hot dogs you can find in the Elk river area.

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