Friday, May 12, 2006

Charleston Area Hot Dog Joints - Mallory's Grocery

How can you pass up a place with a sign that says "Try our world famous Mud Suck Hot Dogs"? I couldn't.

For those who aren't saavy, "Mudsuck" is the informal name of a little community just over the hill from South Charleston. It gets its name from Mudsuck Branch, a tributary of Davis Creek. It gets it notoriety from Mallory Airport, a small private airstrip that sits atop the hill above Mudsuck. The airport has such a quirky reputation in the aviation community that is has become known as "Mudsuck International" by pilots who use it. Mallory's Grocery (I am sure it's owned by the same family) even sells "Mudsuck International Airport" t-shirts and caps. If you have ever landed at Mallory you will never forget it, and I'd imagine some people want a memento of the ocassion.

Well, when I was driving by and saw the "Mudsuck Dog" sign I knew it had to be included on this site so I stopped and had one. I was dissappointed that it was self-serve style. After I finished building it, the dog wasn't bad. Chili and slaw seemed to be homemade and the buns are kept nicely steamed. They even have wax paper sleeves for your "to go" order.

Overall an average dog with a great name.


sara said...

How do you get there?

Stanton said...

It's right on Chestnut Street about two miles from Kanawha Turnpike.

Bumpfus T Bone said...

Hi Stanton. I used to live at Coventry Woods Stables outside of S Charleston. I'm now disabled and living back in Delaware. When I was there I had a few Tshirts and a sweat shirt from Mudsuck. I bought them where you bought your hot dogs.
What I would like to know is: can you give me the name of the place and, possibly, the phone number? I don't know if I'll ever be able to get back down there and would like to see if they could sell me more shirts and send them to me.
I appreciate you time and trouble in this matter and will understand if you don't want to get involved.
Wish you happy holidays
God bless
Barry Coulter

Anonymous said...

The airport is owned by the same Mallory's. My Great, great uncle Benny Mallory has the airport and his son now owns the grocery store I believe. The store is over 100 years old as far as I know and has been in the family the entire time. My dad used to go to the store all the time when he was a kid and my great grandma ran it so he could get candy from her. I'm actually looking at a MUDSUCK WEST VIRGINIA bumper sticker I got last time I was in town.

The place is called Mallory's Grocery and the number is, as far as I know, 1-304-755-0176.

Debbie Cottrell said...

Hello. You are welcome to my open face book group entitled,"We grew up in Spring Hill,West Virginia" there is endless information and Mallory family members. Actually the picture of me on the paint horse is on a hilltop across the airport. I have a long post on the store & owners. Right now I have 1.7k members, all citizens & family from early 20th century to present.

Debbie Cottrell said...

Look for Mudsuck branch, south Charleston wv on Google. Very easy to find just find South Charleston, Chestnut Street

Debbie Cottrell said...

Totally correct! The kindest couple! I used to park my horse outside the front door. Mrs Mallory would feed her tootsie rolls, candy.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Do they have sauerkraut and relish?

Unknown said...

YOU WERE DRIVING BY?????? How in the name of all that is holy.....did you find yourself in such remote location. I was born in Charleston and grew up in South Charleston. But left there when I was 26 and I never had the occasion in all that time to just DRIVE BY Mud Suck. I even dated a Mallory from that family and I NEVER JUST DROVE BY THAT PLACE. One has to intentionally MEAN TO DRIVE BY Mud Suck, because one has to find it on a map first....even the locals don't know how to find it. But you are correct in saying the food is good and the Benny Mallory's Airport is a true experience. Passengers and pilots kiss the ground when lading without a mishap. I love my home state.