Thursday, May 18, 2006

Huntington Area Hot Dog Joints - Farley's Famous Hot Dogs

Since they also have locations in Barboursville and Milton, I had already decided to lump the Hurricane location of Farley's Famous Hot Dogs in with Huntington HDJ's before I tasted the product. This proved to be wise choice since the hot dogs have a bit of a Huntington flavor, literally and figuratively.

First, the literal: The weenie tasted suspiciously like a Cavalier Meats product and the bun was most definitely fresh from the Heiner's factory.

The figurative: I was told "everything" included "sauce." This is Huntingtonese for chili. The only thing that wasn't like Huntington was that slaw was standard equipment.

Regardless of the geography, this is a very good WVHD. The slaw is fine but not quite sweet enough and the chili (sauce) is pretty good. The great weenie and bun provide the boost to elevate the overall score into the 4 out of 5 weenie range.

One big plus is the curb service. There's just something about a WVHD served by a carhop that makes it a bit better. There are precious few of these places left around. Kudos to Farley's for keeping the tradition alive.

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oncee said...

I've always loved Huntington hot dogs. Stewarts is the best, but Farley's works in a pinch.