Monday, May 22, 2006

Charleston Area Hot Dog Joints - The Farm Table Restaurant

Hot dogs are an obligitory item on locally owned eateries in southern West Virginia. So it didn't surprise me when I went in to The Farm Table on D Street in South Charleston for lunch the other day and found them on the menu. I went in with a whole head full of good intention to get a veggie plate to try to counteract the devastating effects of too many hot dogs eaten on your behalf, but alas, I succumbed to yet another temptation.

Obligitory often means done with less than a great effort, and I'm afraid that is the case here. Farm Table has such wonderful food that I thought even a half-hearted attempt would still be good. It's not quite. The chili is average, the slaw below average (and barely there) and the bun was crusty - probably from being heated up in an oven. It took me two bites to regret not ordering the veggies.

My wife had the steak hoagie and onion rings and I was able to sneak a few rings, which were very good and obviously fresh made. We shared a piece of lemon merangue pie which was very tasty and almost washed away the memory of the disappointing dog.

The Farm Table remains one of my favorite home-cookin' restaurants but it doesn't rank as a HDJ.

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