Monday, September 18, 2006

Charleston Area Dairy Queen Review - Charleston Town Center DQ

If you have a hankerin' for a hot dog in the Town Center Mall there's no use going to the food court, no one sells them there. To slake your hot dog craving you have to go to the second floor on the J.C. Penney end of the mall to find the Dairy Queen. And I am happy to report that like most DQ's in the area, they serve a true WVHD. I've had many people write to tell me that they liked the hot dogs they serve at the TCDQ and I can see why. They are pretty good. The slaw could use some work (a little coarse) and the chili is standard DQ corporate issue but they do go the extra mile and serve it on a nicely grilled New England Style bun. Overall a pretty satisfying hot dog in a convenient HDJ. But I'd like to deviate from my typical subject matter and tell you about a new DQ delight I have found. They call it a Moo-latte and man oh man is it good. It's one part milkshake, one part Blizzard and one part espresso. The only problem is that a "small" is big enough to kill you on the spot. And don't bother trying to not eat the whole thing. I've tried. It can't be done. The only hope you have is to not get one in the first place, but then you will die without ever tasting this amazing creation. So since you're gonna die anyway, go ahead and get one. They come in several flavors. I got the hazelnut and I can't wait to try the others. YUM! Sorry for the short-shrift given to the hot dog review. My sense of taste was distracted.

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Christopher Scott Jones said...

Try the coffee shakes at Seattle's Best next time you are in the Borders in the Huntington Mall. Even better.